Experience The Creative Alchemy Method™

Stephanie is available to facilitate The Creative Alchemy Method™ for retreats and workshops in New Zealand and abroad and can create bespoke workshops for businesses, schools and prisons as well as one to one sessions.


Team building, coherence, inspiration, focus, goal setting, clarity, understanding manifestation.


 Working towards emotional literacy and the release of buried trauma to relieve mental suffering, low self worth, hopelessness and create new destinies of meaning and purpose.


 Individuals seeking help for emotional healing or increasing human potential or seeking techniques for illumination and transcendence have all benefited from sessions.


Giving children easy tools to express big emotions, learning the difference between thoughts and emotions, learning mental techniques for increasing innovation, problem solving and imagination. Teachers also benefit from Creative Alchemy sessions and learn key tools for relieving pressure, accessing sustained inspiration and inner guidance.


Helping mothers to be heal emotions and release any supressed trauma, assisting in the ability to remain calm and not be ‘triggered’. Fathers and siblings to be also benefit from sessions and group family sessions assist in bonding and preparation for the new arrival.


Wellness, human potential, emotional healing, inspiration.

There are several other steps in the first phase of Creative Alchemy, the Technology of Emotion, but in creating programs for schools and prisons, the first two steps provide ample results and would leave time in a half day or full day workshop to touch on Phase Two and Three and finish with creating a template for well-being.

The new buzzwords for business are emotional literacy and inspirational team building. Creating programs for business also include these first two steps, which lead to strong team bonding. Short versions of the second and third phases ending with the creation of a joint template for the future of the business and its goals aligns everyone, creates team spirit, focus and clarity and can dramatically and positively alter outcomes.

Creative Alchemy is an excellent practice for families. Children can learn to communicate with tools they easily understand that express their large emotions and parents are given tools to help their children communicate. Pregnant mothers are able to clear emotions that inevitably come up allowing them to be more present and less triggered with their children and is ideally done with fathers.

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