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Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith is the founder of The Creative Alchemy Method™

In 1995, after training for over a decade in several modalities including Reiki, Rebirthing, Magnified Healing, Psychology, Cranio-Sacral therapy, Genome Healing, Equine Facilitated Therapy and with inner mystery schools including Athena Leadership, Stephanie began to receive direct communication and guidance regarding ancient practices of healing and empowerment including the healing of suppressed emotion, the elevating of the imagination to Living Vision and previously hidden techniques to activate the inner superhero, the I AM Presence—the electrical animating presence of life within. These combine to create the secret science of miracles.

After creating programs in schools, with individuals and in a very successful twelve-week trial with suicidal patients in London she embarked on a course of further study with wisdom teachers from Native American, Tibetan, Russian, European, Balinese, Chinese, Ghanaian, Peruvian, Mexican, Ascended Master and other traditions as well as a deep dive into cutting edge neurobiology and the interface between quantum science and human potential, confirming the technology of emotion and learning more about the previously hidden secret science of miracles resulting in the full system available today.


Stephanie has had parallel careers in the creative and healing arts. She was Creative Director of the highly noted Kings Head Theatre, London, for many decades, for which she was awarded by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Golden Jubilee Award in 2002 for ‘contribution to the arts and pursuit of excellence in the field of direction’. Her paintings have been exhibited internationally and she has written, directed and produced several plays, musicals and films. She has been a mentor and teacher of inspirational creativity for over 30 years. Her memoir God’s Theory of Creativity ~ an odyssey, a chronicle of radical awakening and divine intervention, sowed the seeds for the system that would become The Creative
Alchemy MethodTM which she has now facilitated for 26 years internationally to individuals and groups large and small. Her book Creative Alchemy: The Science of Miracles, has won the prestigious Ashton Wylie Award in 2020.
Her system is ultimately designed to assist in shifting humanity from Homo sapiens to Homo illuminatus, fully illumined beings who understand the science of consciousness, energy and true power and can consciously create lives of meaning, purpose and destiny while joyously co-creating a paradise on our beloved Earth. But if you just want to be happy, successful and abundant, Creative Alchemy: The Science of Miracles will provide this for you.

She is currently an Author, Facilitator of The Creative Alchemy Method™, Multimedia Content Creator & Developer for the Entertainment industry creating meaningful content in several genres including sci-fi, drama, psychological horror (yes, this genre can be used to take a deep dive into the rabbit warren of the human mind!), comedy and fantasy in various media including novels, series, films, VR and Games. She lives by the sparkling sea near her beloved creator goddess daughter, stellar son-in-law, glorious grandkids and wonderful galumphing hound, Pan. Her story from deep trauma to abundance, love, wisdom and power is told in brief in her book, and is a testimony to The Creative Alchemy Method™ to heal, transform and empower each of us.

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