Our History

Our History

Creative Alchemy has been facilitated:
• In schools with students and also with teachers and principals.
• To individuals, from those seeking to increase human potential to those seeking relief from emotional and mental distress.
• With entrepreneurs one who won a $50,000 grant from the Aspire Foundation after one session of Phase Two,
Transformation of Imagination into Living Vision.
• With business to help build inspirational team models and clear focus on goals.
• On retreats including two Quantum Healing and Business Success Bootcamp Retreats, both with over 50 individuals, a mixed age group from 7 years to 65 from all walks of life and cultures. Taoist Energy Master Mantak Chia’s retreat in Australia in 2020.
• At the Stress Project, London for a successful 12-week trial supported by medical doctors and alternative therapists with 15 suicidal patients.

The first two steps are equally effective with adults and children and are deceptively simple but very powerful. Using techniques to paint
emotions and then access and draw the origin of the suppressed emotion, individuals are often brought to catharsis and are able to begin the journey of emotional literacy and emotional management so crucial to well being.

There are several other steps in the first phase of Creative Alchemy, the Technology of Emotion, but in creating programs for schools and prisons, the first two steps provide ample results

and would leave time in a half day or full day workshop to touch on Phase Two and Three and finish with creating a template for well-being. Move from the obsessive tendencies of the brains ‘default modenetworks’ to a more expansive and spacious state of being.
Phase Three introduces individuals to their own source of life and begins the journey of empowerment and understanding that we create our own lives and do not need feel dis-empowered which
causes apathy or motivates the compulsion to take from others.

The new buzzwords for business are emotional literacy and inspirational team building. Creating programs for business also include these first two steps, which lead to strong team bonding. Short versions
of the second and third phases ending with the creation of a joint template for the future of the business and its goals aligns everyone, creates team spirit, focus and clarity and can dramatically and positively alter outcomes.

Creative Alchemy is an excellent practice for families. Children can learn to communicate with tools they easily understand that express
their large emotions and parents are given tools to help their children communicate. Pregnant mothers are able to clear emotions that inevitably come up allowing them to be more present and less triggered with their children and is ideally done with fathers.

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