The Science of Miracles

The Purpose

The Purpose of Creative Alchemy: The Science of Miracles to heal emotion, and to teach a profoundly effective method for creating well being, meaning and purpose. It can also be taken further into techniques of spiritual transcendence.

Finally, we are motivated to turn outwards with our new found gifts and ‘medicine’ for the world, collaborating together to co-create the world we would all like to inhabit.

Creative Alchemy: The Science of Miracles has now been facilitated for 25 years (as of 2019) in four countries, the UK, US, NZ and Australia.

Unleash the power of Emotion
Activate your Vision
Connect to the power of the Presence
Manifest your Life

Creative Alchemy: The Science of Miracles is a crucial book for our time. From the foreword by Jack Canfield

Co-author of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul ® series,
Co-author of The Success Principles TM, and a featured teacher in The Secret

“I am totally blown away by your book! It is a must for anyone to read. I can’t wait to recommend and buy it for all my clients, family and friends. Thank you so much for writing it. It is a masterpiece.” 

Brigitte Djie, Master Coach for Tony Robbins

This is the book that will explain why it is that you can alter your reality and change your destiny. Referencing the latest in neuroscience, quantum science, biology and psychology as well as ancient secret sciences of manifestation, you will understand and learn to apply powerful techniques that will help you create a life of meaning, abundance and purpose.

Tested over 25 years in four countries by founder Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith, the book includes numerous stories of clients and her own personal stories that richly illustrate the effectiveness of this system.

The Art of Consciously Creating Destiny, Meaning & Purpose

About Stephanie

Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith has had parallel careers in the creative and healing arts. She was Creative Director of the highly noted Kings Head Theatre, London, for many decades, for which she was awarded Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee Award in 2002.

Her paintings have been exhibited internationally and she has written, directed and produced several plays, musicals and films. She has been a mentor and teacher of inspirational creativity for over 30 years.

Her memoir God’s Theory of Creativity ~ an odyssey, a record of radical awakening, sowed the seeds for the system that would become Creative Alchemy: The Science of Miracles, which has now been facilitated by Stephanie in four countries for 25 years.

Experience Creative Alchemy

Equally effective with adults and children

Deceptively simple but very powerful.

Creative Alchemy is an excellent practice for families. Children can learn to communicate with tools they easily understand that express their large emotions and parents are given tools to help their children communicate.

Creative Alchemy has been facilitated

In schools with students and also with teachers and principals.

To individuals, from those seeking to increase human potential to those seeking relief from emotional and mental distress.

With entrepreneurs one who won a $50,000 grant from the Aspire Foundation after one session of Phase Two, Transformation of Imagination into Living Vision.

With business to help build inspirational team models and clear focus on goals.

Practical Application


The Technology of Emotion

Using simple alchemical creative techniques, individuals and groups are taken on a journey of emotional discovery.


Connection to the Magic Presence

Within us, the source of our life, our love, wisdom and power, the ONLY consciousness that can act in our life


Transformation of Imagination into Living Vision

Powerful techniques for moving the imagination into LIVING VISION are given. 


Putting it all Together

Templates for manifesting. We begin by working on the template for creating the quality of JOY. 

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