Practical Application

Technology of Emotion for healing and literacy

Using simple alchemical creative techniques, individuals and groups are taken on a journey of emotional discovery. If our emotions are trapped, traumatized or suppressed we will manifest the “Frankenstein” version of our dreams also known as self-sabotage.

Powerful techniques for freeing emotion, restoring Energy in Motion and begin the release of 80% of your energy are given. This cleansed energy literally becomes super power to fuel your life.

Forgiveness becomes a natural consequence of this technique.

Connect to the animating Presence to empower

Within us, the source of our life, our love, wisdom and power, the ONLY consciousness that can act in our life is the electronic Presence that animates all that creates our reality.

This ancient previously hidden science was once only available to great sages and adepts. It is the most powerful and crucial piece of the puzzle although the first two steps must be taken first. Gratitude becomes a way of life. Your world becomes imbued with love, wisdom and power.

Mastery of Living Vision to create clarity and focus

Powerful techniques for transforming the imagination into LIVING VISION are given.  

When the imagination is elevated into Living Vision, the ability to create templates from the mathematical and musical unified field of existence becomes a deliberate act of conscious co-creation. 

Inspiration is increased significantly with these techniques.

The Art of Consciously Creating Destiny, Meaning & Purpose

Templates for manifesting. We begin by working on the template for creating the quality of JOY. Most of what we materially desire is actually a means to an end to manifest the quality we believe it will bring us.

Frequently people who begin this work find their desires completely shift, as they are elevated to a new frequency and way of seeing. We will also work on a template for creating meaningful purpose and how to create a life that fulfills our highest good and the highest good of all, which are never opposed.

Other templates can be created for personal use, business and so on. Courage and determination are the corner stones of creating a new destiny.

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