Praise for Creative Alchemy: The Science of Miracles

‘I am totally blown away by your book! It is a must for anyone to read, can’t wait until it is available so I can recommend/buy it for all my clients, family and friends. Thank you so much for writing it. It is a masterpiece.’

Brigitte Djie

Master Coach for Tony Robbins

‘In her new book, Creative Alchemy: The Science of Miracles, Renaissance woman Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith offers you a powerful system for becoming the best version of yourself – the self many of us have long dreamed of being. In this visionary book, you will be guided on a path toward personal transformation many of us are seeking. It is an invitation to cultivate a new way of being that will free you from entrenched habits that cause fear, anxiety, and stress and help you experience balance and well-being in your mind, body and in relationships. Part I provides a solid foundation of understanding that draws from a wide range of sources including cutting-edge neuroscience research and the wisdom of ancient spiritual masters. Part II provides a “blueprint” of the Creative Alchemy system Lightsmith has taught in numerous workshops around the world over the past two decades. In those workshops, Lightsmith has helped adults and young people experience inner peace and joy. How fortunate we are that her able hand is now extended through this book and available to anyone who wants to grasp it.’

Dr Rebecca Weiss-Vlasic

Clinical psychologist

‘I wholeheartedly recommend Stephanie Lightsmith’s book Creative Alchemy: The Science of Miracles. This is an empowering book that can change your life! It contains pearls to inspire you to improve your life and the means to do it – to heal your relationship with your emotions and your past, manifest your dreams through directed willpower and imagination, and enhance your connection to your Inner Presence. Stephanie – an artist, entrepreneur, stage and film writer and director, explains how we can use specific tools to radically improve our lives and demonstrates how use of these tools is now supported by both leading-edge science and sacred knowledge, sharing a fascinating account of modern scientific studies and wisdom from ancient texts. The alchemy is transmuting our personality and story into gold for the good of all. I’ve experienced this alchemy, it really works!’

Gabrielle Meech

former human rights lawyer, teacher

‘This book is a profound, accessible and compelling distillation of an amazing life experience combined with meticulous research and a genuine desire to help. Most of all, it is a practical manual that has the potential to change the trajectory of your life and the planet. Many books promise this, but none provide such a combination of watertight scientific evidence, passion and wisdom. Stephanie is an essential voice and I will be recommending this book to my therapy clients and my children. The way to a new planet is held within these pages. I can’t recommend this enough.’

Malcolm Wilson

clinical hypnotherapist

‘I was truly impressed with the scope and magnitude of the new book, combining your life’s journey with wisdom plus creating a step by step guide to realizing one’s true inner self. Your magnificent technique is that your book is both a very captivating narrative of a most interesting and well-traveled life, at the same time a step-by-step guide to finding a person’s own true center. You have captured and distilled the ancient wisdom of the ages and woven it with the most current scientific understanding in a most unusual and delightful manner. The fact that your method has been tested and proven in so many places worldwide, over time, by so many different people lends major efficacy to your important message to the people of today. Your personal knowledge is kaleidoscopic and vast, your life experiences and lessons learned reinforce the step-by-step process. The combined process brings the reader into the proper view through the guided example with strong reinforcing explanations. I always remember what professor Joseph Campbell used to say when asked, “What should someone do if they really want to help people and make a difference in this world?” His answer was very clear, “Teach people how to live in this world!” YOUR new book does this … so very well.’

Bob Davidow

entrepreneur and teacher/leader

‘Creative Alchemy’s technique of Living Vision will expand your mind to the limitless realms of spontaneous creativity bringing the manifestation of your life into alignment with your highest purpose. The content is so rich and so enlightening and is going to benefit so many people.’

Hong Curley

Chinese medicine doctor, international business success coach, bestselling author, founder of the Quantum Healing Retreat and Aspire Humanitarian Foundation

‘A unique and powerful curriculum, designed by the Ascended Realms and our Daughter of Light, Stephanie, to raise consciousness – so all will embrace their missions with ease and grace. The Time is Now.’

Ascended Master Kuthumi and Dr Norma J Milanovich

Author, worldwide speaker, and channel for the Ascended Realms

Praise for the techniques of
Creative Alchemy: The Science of Miracles

‘Stephanie intuitively knew exactly what I needed, she guided me through a cathartic and expressive creative process that reconnected me to a part of myself I never knew existed. Stepping through the layers she helped me embrace this powerful part of myself I’d abandoned. Since our session together I’ve felt calmer about being right where I am, while also noticing how things seem to be moving forwards more easily and joyfully for me. I can’t recommend her highly enough, she’s amazing!’

Penelope Beale

Body Intuitive life coach

‘I had the privilege to witness the extraordinary ways Stephanie expressed her divine talent, not just as a spiritual guide, but also as an intuitive teacher, an extraordinary artist, and a pure channel of love and devotion. Stephanie co- facilitated my Quantum Healing Retreats; her angelic presence graced every participant in ways that will never be forgotten. She helped each and every one of them with pure love and compassion; she helped the lost souls find their true north again; she helped to heal the traumas for those who lived with the memories of the past abuse and help them find love through forgiveness. Her Creative Alchemy workshops had created very dramatic impacts on our group of different ages. Everyone was transformed under her intelligent guidance. Some found their passion through the artistic expression, some exposed their hidden fears and limits, some broke free from their emotional prisons and some connected with the lost sense of love again. She has my highest regards, respect, love and eternal gratitude.’

Mike Curley

founder of Quantum Success Academy, Aspire Humanitarian Foundation, founding chief science officer, technical director Metagenics/Healthworld Australia

‘Creative Alchemy meets you at whatever level you are on and allows healing.’

Gabrielle Meech

Lawyer, teacher

‘Wow, what a weekend – words cannot even do it justice, it was one of the best experiences and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart to have been part of the experience with you all! Mum and I returned home feeling so much more balanced and connected. I also learned so much and feel like my awareness has massively expanded.’

Celeste Skatchill

Designer and owner of Studio C

‘Stephanie is a metaphysical DJ. She has access to the music and can help us find the waves of our own flow. Creative Alchemy is the opposite of dogma, it tailors itself completely to the unique needs of each individual. I believe Creative Alchemy as a therapy has the potential to permanently relieve the disabling way we have held harmful beliefs about ourselves, and I believe Creative Alchemy as a therapy has the potential to permanently relieve the experiences. By creating art directly out of pain, the creative alchemist is able to bypass the limiting structures of language and culture that inhibit most traditional talk therapies (Clinical Analysis, CBT, etc.) from getting anywhere near the root problem. The power within Creative Alchemy is to skip past the conscious, rational mind of thoughts and self-imposed narratives to dive deeply and directly to the traumas one incurs during the earliest stages of life, when the feeling of what is happening greatly outweighs one’s ability to describe it. These traumas become a subconscious warden to the remainder of our lives, imprisoning us within our self-limiting beliefs and creating negative behavioral patterns that seem to force our lives down an unchosen path. Like real magic, the work of Creative Alchemy unearths the root issues contributing to one’s dis-ease in such a way that the practitioner is their own therapist and, rather than transference, has the end result of falling in love with themselves in the most positive way possible. In other words, Creative Alchemy not only gives you the power to heal yourself but to truly and deeply appreciate the person you have become to allow this healing to happen.’

Josh Davidow

Filmmaker, Journey with Robert Thurman in Bhutan

‘Stephanie helped me edit the manual when I ran my first Quantum Healing Retreat in 2016. It was a great success and transformed the lives of 52 souls. Stephanie’s powerful and beautiful presence contributed greatly to the success of this retreat. She brought with her the expertise of Creative Alchemy. The results she created for attendees were mind-blowing. One of our students created the blueprint of a quantum water generator through the visionary process Stephanie facilitated. I witnessed the techniques of Creative Alchemy transform an angry, depressed, anxious young woman into a free, happy, wise person in 40 minutes.’

Hong Curley

Chinese medicine doctor, international business success coach, bestselling author, founder of the Quantum Healing Retreat and Aspire Humanitarian Foundation

‘I had the privilege of meeting Stephanie at a Quantum Healing Retreat in Queensland, Australia. Instantly I knew her presence was magical and that I could learn something from her. Stephanie held one of the classes to demonstrate the effectiveness of emotional release through art with her techniques of Creative Alchemy. At first I was a bit skeptical. Throughout the last few days I had been battling consistent neck pains and stiffness, which was really getting to me! So I thought, well let’s see if this works. We had to create an artwork based on what emotions we were currently feeling as a form of expression. My emotions were anger, frustration and rage due to the intense neck pain that I could not remove even after multiple treatments, oils, stretching, heat packs and more. So, my artwork was basically a nuclear BOMB going off releasing all these emotions. I didn’t expect to get so involved in the artwork and I almost couldn’t stop. My pain and stiffness dropped by 50 percent instantly. I was really impressed. I have also employed the Creative Alchemy techniques of creating inspirational images of what I would like to attract in my life to good effect.

‘In a subsequent class that Stephanie facilitated for young entrepreneurs, we used the Creative Alchemy technique to create a symbol that encapsulated our unique expression for our life’s purpose. While pondering what image best describes my purpose on this planet, a flash of a spiral DNA vortex appeared in my mind. This tornado-like image first started from the base as a DNA strand that twisted upwards while unfolding and unraveling into a tornado/vortex spinning energy field, growing larger as it spiraled upwards. This image represented to me the evolution of our consciousness and DNA expression through a vortex energy field (the quantum field) that which we are all connected to. That night I had trouble sleeping, I experienced restlessness and my brain was busy thinking away as usual. As I finally started to fall back asleep around 3.30AM in a semi-conscious state I received an image/idea about water and DNA healing/repair. It involved a frequency machine that changes the molecular structure of water, which in effect allows for DNA healing and expression. I obviously can’t go into detail on how the water machine works as I am currently researching and developing the product to this day. Water is a very strong passion of mine, and also anything to do with healing or anti- aging and repair. I am now driven and inspired to create a water machine that can now cover both of my passions, which has lead me on a fantastic ever-growing and learning adventure on the power of water and consciousness. I am so grateful for this experience! Everyone must try this technique that Stephanie has developed and taught over many years. Who knows where it can take you?’

**Alex went on to win the $50,000 Aspire Foundation Award to develop this invention.

Alex Bastianon

Physical health professional, gym owner, inventor

Praise for God’s Theory of Creativity: An Odyssey
by Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith

‘It is a truly absorbing story, the beginning of an Odyssey, which from the very first lines breathes the spirit of Creativity. I am deeply impressed by your huge spectrum of receptivity. Every step is experienced viscerally, intellectually, emotionally and imaginatively, and pursued with relentless trust in the wonder that draws you on, however uncertain the moment.’

Guyon Neutze

Spiritual teacher and author of  Dark Out of Darkness

‘I have just finished reading God’s Theory of Creativity. It is one of the most riveting books I have ever read. I am sharing its wisdom with friends and family all over the place. (I have already ordered another copy for a friend in New York.) It’s a book whose time has surely come. My only question is, when is the next instalment coming out?’

Cindy Laberge


‘God’s Theory of Creativity charts a radical awakening. It records rare, mystical, transpersonal experiences as they are happening without the distance of memory, and dives deep into the shadow world of the unconscious, bringing up jewels from the mire. Part memoir – a raw and truthful retelling of an extreme childhood and its effects, part metaphysical odyssey and part unflinchingly honest healing journey, it offers rare glimpses of our glory and a moving, lyrical account of our humanity.’

Dr Rebecca Weiss-Vlasic

Clinical psychologist

‘Reporting back from fantastic, dangerous and experimental territories with poetic elegance and pragmatism, Sinclaire permits us to enter a most private and sacred zone of human experience … a fearless companion on the journey to awareness.’

Anne Hemenway

Environmentalist, activist, writer

‘Stephanie Sinclaire’s God’s Theory of Creativity is a vast and beautiful work. Richly illustrated with her own paintings depicting a prolonged mystical encounter, Sinclaire traverses realms I have only ever seen one other have the courage to do – and even then, only publish after his death. Permit me to explain. God’s Theory of Creativity and Carl Jung’s Liber Novus or Red Book are, for me, companion volumes – two extraordinary ventures into the realm of the Spirit and Soul, accompanied by avatars of the Divine.

‘How was this extraordinary account of the dialogues and teachings on creativity and consciousness made available to both? I will explain with what I have come to know about Jung. At 38, he could no longer believe in or follow the psychoanalytic principles of his former mentor, Sigmund Freud. He set out on his own path, determined – like Sinclaire – to discover his own truth. He didn’t believe human beings were simply a set of infantile complexes that reduce us to our basest instincts. Instead, Carl Jung believed in humanity’s highest potential, and, even more so, once the shadow and the light within us are consciously integrated, that our true individuated self – what some would call our Higher or Divine Self – would both guide and shine through us. He once said, when asked if he believed in God, “I don’t believe, I know.” Sinclaire’s title and her whole journey into this realm, proclaims this same truth.

‘When Jung split with Freud, he let himself fall into what psychiatrists would now call a psychotic state. Each night he allowed visions to enter into his consciousness. He was accompanied by a wise guide called Philemon, encountering with angels, demons… and all the archetypes of the personal and collective unconscious. Each morning, as he integrated the light and the dark of his experience, he would enter normal life – the consulting room and his family duties. As he experienced these visions, so did he write and paint. His Red Book is the record of that journey beyond normal waking consciousness. He himself acknowledged that his life’s work was really to unlock and understand what he recorded at that time.

‘So, too, with Sinclaire’s book. Not her theory of creativity, but God’s. To read and be immersed in this journey to the heart of the numinous encounter, infinitely aware and creative, is to feel what few among us know – an intimate connection with the Divine. I believe that, like Jung, Sinclaire’s life work has been to embody this “theory” as her lived offering, in loving service to others. I am forever grateful to have read such a sacred and intimate testimony. In its pages, you can touch God’s robes, images and words taking you straight to the Source.’

Stefania Pietkiewicz

Writer and life purpose counselor

‘This book is an intense, ethereal yet almost perilous journey into the creative experience. It is both nearly spiritually exclusive and still fascinatingly human. A fantastic journey for anyone searching their soul, contemplating their existence and most importantly, coming to terms and trying to understand their own artistry and creative being. It is lovingly accompanied by stunning artwork that in themselves inspire.’

Natasha Ragdale


‘Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith is the William Blake of our times.’

Mariela Durnhofer

Argentinian translator of  God’s Theory of Creativity

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