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CREATIVE ALCHEMY: The Science of Miracles

Everything you need to master your destiny and manifest the life you were born to live.

“Creative Alchemy: The Science of Miracles is a crucial book for our time” 
From the foreword by Jack Canfield

Co-author of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul ® series,
Co-author of The Success Principles TM, and a featured teacher in The Secret

This is the book that will explain why it is that you can alter your reality and change your destiny. Referencing the latest in neuroscience, quantum science, biology and psychology as well as ancient secret sciences of manifestation, you will understand and learn to apply powerful techniques that will help you create a life of meaning, abundance and purpose.

Tested over 25 years in four countries by founder Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith, the book includes numerous stories of clients and her own personal stories that richly illustrate the effectiveness of this system.  

Creative Alchemy is the science and technique of transforming your life into the radiant gold of meaning, purpose, abundance, confidence, community and joy.
“Renaissance woman Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith offers you a powerful system for becoming the best version of yourself” 
– Dr Rebecca Weiss Vlasic, clinical psychologist. 

The Workbook presents the complete system in three phases.

THE TECHNOLOGY OF EMOTION provides powerful techniques for healing traumatised and suppressed emotions, confirmed by modern neuroscience and a quarter century of application. These techniques unleash a vast amount of life force and energy. A healthy emotional body provides 80% of the energy we need to manifest our dream life.
LIVING VISION provides advanced techniques for elevating your imagination into energetic blueprints with the methods to fuel them to take form in your reality.
CONNECTION TO THE MAGIC PRESENCE will give you techniques once considered too powerful for the masses to connect to the Presence within, your inner superhero who holds the keys and codes for your master plan and most importantly the electricity to animate and give life to your Living Vision.
Together these form a complete system to live your life by, to master your destiny and begin the life you were born for.

Miracles are possible. As more and more of us realise and begin to live our true purpose, we can go forward together as inspired, solution oriented innovators, solving our problems and building the world we want to share, the paradise our Earth is meant to be.

About the Author

Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith is now a full-time author and devoted to bringing Creative Alchemy to schools, retreats, business, clinics, prisons and to individuals, whether they be seeking the healing of emotion, or the more advanced transformational techniques of alchemy, transcendence and integration of the higher bodies.

” an empowering book which can change your life!”


I wholeheartedly recommend Stephanie Lightsmith’s book “Creative Alchemy: the Science of Miracles.” This is an empowering book which can change your life! It contains pearls to inspire you to improve your life and the means to do it – to heal your relationship with your emotions and your past, manifest your dreams through directed willpower and imagination, and enhance your connection to your Inner Presence.

Stephanie, an artist, entrepreneur, stage writer and director, explains how we can use specific tools to radically improve our lives and demonstrates how use of these tools is now supported by both leading-edge science and sacred knowledge, sharing a fascinating account of modern scientific studies and wisdom from ancient texts. The alchemy is transmuting our personality and story into gold for the good of all. I’ve experienced this alchemy, it really works!

Gabrielle Meech

Former Human Rights Lawyer, Teacher, Yoga Instructor

 “becoming the best version of yourself”


In her new book “Creative Alchemy…” Renaissance woman Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith offers you a powerful system for becoming the best version of yourself – the self may of us have long dreamed of being but haven’t figured out how to get there. In this visionary book, you will be guided by Lightsmith on a path toward personal transformation many of us are seeking. It is an invitation to cultivate a new way of being that will free you from entrenched habits that cause fear, anxiety, and stress and help you experience balance and well-being in your mind, body and in relationships.

Part I provides a solid foundation of understanding that draws from a wide range of sources including cutting-edge neuroscience research and the wisdom of ancient spiritual masters.

Part II provides a “blueprint” of the Creative Alchemy system LightSmith has taught in numerous workshops around the world over the past two decades. In those workshops, Lightsmith has helped adults and young people experience inner peace and joy without fanfare or promotion of herself.

How fortunate we are that her able hand is now extended through this book and available to anyone who wants to grasp it.

Dr Rebecca Weiss Vlasic

Humanistic Psychology

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