What is Creative Alchemy?

The foundation of Creative Alchemy is the healing of emotions so we can think straightand take advantage of the plasticity of our brains, laying down new positive neural pathways.

We can then move to the next phase, elevating imagination into Living Vision. Understanding how the combination of consciously constructed Living Vision empowered by purified emotion plus action creates our life unfolds shifting our perspective from victim mentality and setting us on the path of mastery. The final step is connection to our inner super hero, the Presence within that animates our reality and supplies our life force.

Based on hands on experience and ongoing research, using cathartic creativity techniques to release suppressed emotion and trauma have a positive and long lasting effect on the mental, emotional, energetic and physical well being of participants. Emotions are a physical event and the body stores memory and emotion in images.

Our biology is our biography. The science behind Creative Alchemy: The Science of Miracles is now building and entering the mainstream. The book will introduce the latest cutting edge neuroscience, quantum science, biology, psychology, cymatics and metaphysics that support why this system works and also includes a workbook for Practical Application.

Healing Emotion

The purpose of Creative Alchemy: The Science of Miracles is to heal emotion, and to teach a profoundly effective method for creating well being, meaning and purpose. It can also be taken further into techniques of spiritual transcendence.

Finally, we are motivated to turn outwards with our new found gifts and ‘medicine’ for the world, collaborating together to co-create the world we would all like to inhabit.

Amazingly, it was only 25 years ago when emotions began to be studied. One instance was Viet Nam vets who reported ‘talk therapy’ was getting them nowhere. FMRI revealed the state of their brains when emotions where heightened— blank slates when in paralysis and a mass of angry bees when in fight or flight and techniques to help handle emotional trauma began to be developed.

One of our greatest neuroscientists Antonio de Masio who has amassed significant data, only began his studies on emotion in the new millennia as his pursuit was formerly considered trivial. It is now considered one of the key elements of well being, high function and the development of human potential.

“The self is a repeatedly reconstructed biological state.”
― Antonio R. Damasio, Descartes’ Error: Emotion, Reason and the Human Brain

Creative Alchemy: The Science of Miracles has now been facilitated for 25 years in four countries, the UK, US, NZ and Australia.

Equally effective with adults and children

Deceptively simple but very powerful.

Creative Alchemy is an excellent practice for families. Children can learn to communicate with tools they easily understand that express their large emotions and parents are given tools to help their children communicate.

Creative Alchemy has been facilitated

In schools with students and also with teachers and principals.

To individuals, from those seeking to increase human potential to those seeking relief from emotional and mental distress.

With entrepreneurs one who won a $50,000 grant from the Aspire Foundation after one session of Phase Two, Transformation of Imagination into Living Vision.

With business to help build inspirational team models and clear focus on goals.

Phase One uses techniques to paint emotions and then access and draw the origin of the suppressed emotion, individuals are often brought to catharsis and are able to begin the journey of emotional literacy and emotional management so crucial to well being.

Phase Two is a hugely inspiring technique that also helps people move from the obsessive tendencies of the brains ‘default modenetworks’ to a more expansive and spacious state of being.

Phase Three introduces individuals to their own source of life and begins the journey of empowerment and understanding that we create our own lives and do not need feel dis-empowered which
causes apathy or motivates the compulsion to take from others.

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